Why Chinese People Will Carry Fructus Corni on 9th Septembre Every Year?

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Jan 22, 2017

In ancient China, Fructus Corni not only is a kind herb but also be regarded as the symbol of Sacrifice, accessories and ward off evil spirits. 

From the poem of WangWei(王唯) "When brothers carry dogwood up the mountain, each of them a branch and my branch missing。"(遥知兄弟登高处,遍插茱萸少一人) we can see people wear or carry dogwood has been a traditional custom on 9th September every year. Now let us to  learn more about fructus corni.

The magical powder of Fructus Corni

The effect on blood sugar

1. Cornus officinalis has a certain therapeutic effect on insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Dogwood tannin can not only inhibit lipid peroxidation and prevent lipolysis but also inhibit adrenaline and adrenal cortex hormones promote the role of lipolysis.

Antibacterial effect

2. Experiments show that its typhoid bacillus, Shigella dysentery inhibition.

The function on  hemorrhagic shock

3. Reported that dogwood intravenous injection, there is a rapid and significant increase in blood pressure, the clinical treatment of hemorrhagic shock has a positive significance.

Inhibit platelet aggregation

4. Inhibition of the platelet aggregation induced by ADP sodium, collagen or arachidonic acid was inhibited by the injection of cornus officinalis in vitro and the inhibitory effect was enhanced with the increase of ADP sodium,

The role of anti-experimental liver damage

5. Dogwood in vitro to kill ascites cancer cells. But also anti-experimental role of liver damage. On the chemotherapy and radiation therapy caused by the decline in white blood cells, there is the role of increased.

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