How to Use the Symbol of Peace - Olive Leaf in Our Daily Life

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Dec 29, 2016

Generally speaking, people always think of Greece and peace when refer to olive leaf. To a certain degree, it has ignored the true value of olive leaf.

Now please follow me to learn more about olive leaf.

Firstly, it is essential to know the active ingredient of olive leaf.

So far, the most active substance in olive leaf is Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol

What's the Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol?

Oleuropein is a type bitter single class saponins which is belong to cracked iridoid terpenes. The Oleuropein and its hydrolyzate have great significance to the antibacterial function of olive leaf.

Secondly, how can we use olive leaf in daily life?

Broad-spectrum antibacterial effect

Olive leaf  has the ability to seriously intervene some amino acid patterns that is important for the growth of particular virus, bacteria or microbial. In addition, it can neturalize the products of the reverse transcriptase virus and the protease .

Antioxidant effect

Especially the Oleuropein can protect the skin cells from the damage of UV, to prevent UV on the skin membrane lipid decomposition, promote fiber cells to produce collagen protein. Thus it can effectively maintain the skin soft and flexible.

Strengthen the immune system

Some physicians have successfully  use olive leaf extract in the treatment of medically    unexplained diseases, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and myofibrous pain. This may be the result of  directly stimulate  immune system.

Cardiovascular diseases

According to the clinical studies of laboratory and preliminary, olive leaf extractcan reduce the arterial insufficiency caused by discomfort, including angina and intermittent claudication. It helps to eliminate atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia), reduce high blood pressure and inhibit oxidation to produce LDL cholesterol.

Thirdly, what about the safety of olive leaf? 

The researchers tested the toxicity of olive leaf  extract by continually feeding albino rats at a dose of 1 g / kg for 7 days. The result is no death occurred and high doses did not cause any toxicological effects. 

In fact, the safety of Oleuropein in the olive leaf extract is so high that investigators can not successfully determine the lethal dose.

Finally, you must make a research if you want buy pure natural green  medicinal olive leaf extract.

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