How To Best Use The Daily Vegetable Bitter Melon In Our Life?

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Jan 25, 2017

Bitter Melon is a cucurbitaceous plant, which belong to the annual climbing herbs.

 The value of Bitter Melon founded in recent studies

In recent years, studies have found that bitter gourd contains Qingzhi Su which has the effect of weight loss. In addition, the bitter gourd contains a lot vitamin C, which has the effect of prevent scurvy, protect the cell membrane, prevent atherosclerosis, improve the ability of the body to protect the heart and other effects of bitter gourd contains a component that can effectively inhibit normal cell cancer. 

The charm of Bitter Melon

Folding hypoglycemic effect

1. Bitter gourextract flavonoids and mulberry leaf extract deoxynojirimycin combined to form a new substance - wash pancreatic sugar (cics), with hypoglycemic, lipid, anti-inflammatory and so on.


Improve immunity

 2. Bitter protein and a large number of vitamin C can improve the body's immune function, so that immune cells with the role of killing cancer cells;


Folding beauty effect

3. Balsam pear bitter cold, into the heart, lungs, stomach, with Qingshu thirst, blood pressure, blood lipids, beauty beauty, promote metabolism and other functions. Balsam pear is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals, long-term consumption, to maintain energy, the treatment of acne has great benefits.


Folding to lose weight

4. Bitter weight loss method needs to adhere to and need to eat at least two to three a day, while adding the necessary nutrients, simply eat bitter melon and can not provide us with the necessary nutrition, weight loss should be based on the principle of good health.

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