Dysmenorrhea? Why not try female holy medicine?-Angelica extract!

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Jun 12, 2017

How to do  it ? Women always have a few days of dysmenorrhea every month?

Why not try female holy medicine?

Chinese medicine believes that angelica has a blood beauty, laxative effect, it is applicable to the blood deficiency caused by chlorosis, dizziness, palpitations, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea or postpartum hemorrhage too much, menopausal depression, irritability and other symptoms. Therefore, it was known as the "female holy medicine."


Where is the main function of Angelica Extract?

Angelica extract is good for blood circulation, menstruation pain, laxative, blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness, palpitations, irregular menstruation, by dysmenorrhea, Deficiency abdominal pain, intestinal dry constipation, rheumatism bitten, Ulcer sore plant extracts.

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Skin care beauty effect

Angelica extract can expand the skin capillaries, speed up blood circulation. Angelica is rich in trace elements that can nourish the skin and prevent roughness. Can be used for acne, brown spots, freckles and hair loss.

Female moderate consumption of angelica extract is good for blood circulation, menstruation pain, laxative effect

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Water-soluble non-volatile substances

Angelica extract has anticholinergic, antioxidant and free radical scavenging effect, it can inhibit uterine contraction. The role of the uterus has a "two-way", the water-soluble non-volatile substances can stimulate the uterine muscle, so that contraction to strengthen its volatile ingredients can inhibit the uterus, reduce its rhythmic contraction, uterine relaxation.

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Supplement Vitamin E

Angelica extract also has the effect of treating anti-vitamin E deficiency. But also reduce the excitability of the heart, atrial fibrillation have a therapeutic effect on the heart of the contraction amplitude and frequency were inhibited. It can reduce blood pressure, so that a slight decline in blood lipids, aortic lesions have a preventive effect. On the treatment of atherosclerosis have a certain effect.

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Now how to buy Angelica extract?

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