Do You Know Why Kelp Are More Preciousness Than Terrestrial Plant?

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Jan 24, 2017

Kelpare algae growing in the sea, which is a kind of cryptic plants in plant community. Algae including several different types of kelp but they all generate energy by photosynthetic organisms. And they are generally considered to be simple plants.

The habits and charactersistics of Kelp

Algae collectively usually fixed to the bottom of the sea or a solid structure, which is the basis of cells formed by a single plant or a long list of simple plants.

The charm of Kelp 

Cure acne

1. Seaweed Mask can repair acne and acne left by the pock, but also to anti-inflammatory sterilization and regulating the skin's oil secretion, the treatment of acne have a very good effect.

In addition to wrinkles

2. Often do seaweed mask, can make our skin more elastic and compact, so that the skin has been relaxed back to 18-year-old compact and flexible, so as to achieve the effect of removing wrinkles.


3. Seaweed Mask can repair our skin because of exposure and lack of sleep caused by dark spots, so that the dark spots on our face has just come out, was destroyed in one fell swoop.


4. Seaweed has a strong replenishment effect, to dry the skin in time to add the necessary moisture, so that dry skin slowly into a neutral skin. At the same time, also has a shrink pores, skin whitening effect.




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