Do you know the unique of common vegetable onion?

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Apr 14, 2017


As we all know, onion is a kind of common vegetable? But do you know it has greatly good effect on human body?

Especially the magical power of onion extract is unexpexted, now please follow me to see the charming of onion extract.


The main ingredients of onion Extract

Onion Extract is rich in  allicin, mercaptans, trisulfide and so on. Contains caffeic acid, erucic acid, cinnamic acid, citrate, polysaccharide and a variety of amino acids. The composition of the onion is the ring of allicin.


The main functions of onion Extract

1. Onion extract has the effect of anti-inflammatory, sterilization, it can promote the role of wound healing.

2. Onion extract contains fat (oil) preparation, which can widely used in nursing, prevention or treatment of damaged skin tissue.


3. Onion extract is rich in prostaglandin A. Prostaglandin A can dilate blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, which will produce blood pressure and can reduce peripheral blood vessels and increase coronary blood flow, prevent thrombosis.

4. Onion extract has a certain refreshing effect, it can help cells make better use of glucose, while reducing blood sugar and supply brain cell heat, diabetes.


Now how to buy Onion Extract?

 Nowadays, there are various kinds of  Onion extract prevalent active in  market.

 Thus, many people want to take this chance to make money.

We sincerely wish you can find the satisfying Onion extract for your health and money.

Beton supply the high quality pure natural Onion Extract .

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