Do You Know the Red Fermented Rice Is Healthier Than the Common Rice?

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Feb 22, 2017

Do you know the history of Red Fermented Rice can date back to 

one thousand years ago?

Red Fermented Rice originated in China can be date back to about a thousand years ago,  which is made by  deep fermentation of rice refined from a red mold. Its skin was purple but the inner is red and nutritional value is also high,  which taste slightly sour. In other words , it is a common southern food crops. 

Do you know the Edible value of  Red Fermented Rice?

lowering blood pressure

1. Red Fermented Rice has the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, containing monascamycin K can prevent the formation of cholesterol.

Supplement the consumption of physical

2. Red Fermented Rice is rich in starch and plant protein so it can supplement the consumption of physical and maintain the body's normal body temperature.

Prevention of anemia

3. Red Fermented Rice is rich in many nutrients, of which the most abundant iron, it has the effect of prevention of anemia.

Improve malnutrition and relieve fatigue

4. Red Fermented Rice is rich in phosphorus, vitamin A, B group so it  can not only improve malnutrition, night blindness and beriberi and other diseases, but also effectively relieve fatigue, lack of energy and insomnia and other symptoms.

Prevention of colon cancer

5. Red Fermented Rice contains pantothenic acid, vitamin E, glutathione and other substances, there is the role of inhibition of carcinogenic substances, especially for the prevention of colon cancer is even more obvious.

Promote blood circulation

6. Red Fermented Rice compared with the chemical synthesis of red pigment has the advantages of non-toxic, safe and promote blood circulation.

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