Do You Know Saffron is not only Spices but also precious Medicine?

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Apr 05, 2017

What's the source and the main ingredients of saffron?

Saffron is a famous precious Chinese herbal medicine, the main medicinal part is the small stigma, so it is very precious. Flowers containing carotene compounds, which are mainly safflower glycosides, docetaxel, safflower bitter glycosides and volatile oil, oil, mainly safflower aldehyde and so on.


What's the main function of  Saffron?

Saffron extract can promote blood circulation, loose Yu Jie knl, pain, treatment worry stagnation, chest diaphragmatic swelling of the liver, hematemesis, typhoid fever, horror trance, women by the closed, blood stagnation irregular menstruation, postpartum lochia endless, bleeding pain, measles, bruises and so on. 

Foreign use it as sedative, flooding agent, which can promote Blood circulation, cooling blood detoxification, solution Yu Anshen. Hot poison hair spot, melancholy ruffian boring, frightened crazy.


Saffron Extract use as Spices

Saffron's spicy golden stigma is very expensive for food seasoning and coloring, and for dyes.

which has a strong unique aroma and bitter taste.

In the Mediterranean and oriental dishes as well as the British, Scandinavian and Balkans in the bread for the color and seasoning . It is also an important ingredient of French cuisine.

In Greece and Rome, saffron sprinkled as spices in the synagogue, the court, the theater and the bathroom.


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