Do You Know Oil Isn't Merely Use for Eat? Green Tea Seed Oil Can Meet All Your Fantasy about Oil!

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Feb 07, 2017

Do you know the source of Green Tea Seed Oil?

Green tea seed oil also named Green tea oil, which was made of tea tree seeds that was selected from alpine mountain age in more than 20 years, without pesticides, fertilizer pollution. 

Then after a series of processes such as selection, hulling, cold pressing, refining and physical Method extracted from the green healthy vegetable oil.

Now how to best use the Green Tea Seed Oil?


Get up early every morning or at night before going to sleep, direct consumption of a tablespoon (about 10 ml) can effectively Qingwei Runchang, inhibit the deposition of fat and nourish the skin.


Mix all kinds of meat and vegetables dishes and pasta, making salad and a variety of sauces or direct smear bread and other food. Mixing food bright color, smooth taste and smell fragrance.


Suitable for cooking with a variety of meat and vegetables dishes, especially for cooking fish, seafood and other fishy food, not only to fishy but also make dishes particularly delicious. Heating temperature should not be too high, so as not to affect the nutrients.

Beauty skin care

Cleansing, bath directly applied to clean the skin, the skin can be more delicate.

Now how to buy Green tea seed oil products?

 Nowadays, there are various kinds of Green tea seed oil  prevalent active in  market.

 Thus, many people want to take this chance to make money.

We sincerely wish you can find the satisfying Green tea seed oil for your health and money.

Beton supply the high quality pure natural Green tea seed oil.

Please make a search before you decide buy anything.

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