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Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Mar 31, 2017

What's the Main Ingredients of Scotch Broom?

Scotch Broom contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, a variety of minerals and other ingredients.


What's the recording of Scotch Broom in ancient codes and records?

"Plant real test"(植物各实图考) recorded that Scotch Broom can "Nourishing yin and tonifying yang".

"Shanghai commonly used Chinese herbal medicine" (上海常用中草药) contains " cure blood expectoration, cough. Governance dizziness headache, tinnitus vertigo, lung deficiency cough, infantile malnutrition plot."


What's the main function of Scotch Broom Extract?

Scotch Broom Extract can not only nourishing yang, promote blood circulation, qufeng dampness but also treat hypertensive disease, dizziness, tinnitus, weakness, irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, lack of milk, rheumatoid arthritis, bruises.



1. Enhance Spleen function and promote vision

2. Treat dry blood

3. Treatment of dizziness and headache:

4. Cure wasting cough


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