Can you believe that sugar without calorie?-Yeah, it is!

Beton Nutrition Corporation | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Can you believe that there exist a kind of safe, natural, and sweet sweetener,. what's the point is it does not affect blood sugar levels.

It is Stevia extract. Why Stevia is so magical? Now please follow me to learn more about it.

Current studies certificated

Preclinical and clinical studies have shown that the use of stevia extract is safe for the general population, including people with diabetes, children and pregnant women, as well as people whoes side effects or allergies are unknown.

Where is the magic of stevia extract ?

Not affect blood sugar levels  and insulin

1. Studies have shown that stevia extract does not affect blood sugar levels or interfere with insulin.

Not contain any calories and control weight

2. Stevia extract does not contain any calories, with low calorie characteristics, eating will not make people fat and help control weight.

No effect on glycemic index GI

3. No matter how ingested stevia extract, there is no effect on glycemic index GI. Stevia extract can also be used in a variety of foods and beverages.

The effect of synergistic

4. Stevia leaf extract in combination with other sweeteners will have the effect of synergistic.

Lower blood pressure and promote metabolism

5. Stevia boiled water to drink can give people with diabetes in the budget total calorie intake to provide more flexible options as well as lower blood pressure, promote metabolism and strong body.

Good partner of traditional Chinese medicine

6. Stevia and seabuckthorn and other combinations is good partner of traditional Chinese medicine, which can develop to perfect the taste of  bitter traditional Chinese medicine. 

The raw materials of food and pharmaceutical industry

7. Stevia extract is a kind low-calorie and high sweetness of the natural sweeteners so it naturally is one of the raw materials of food and pharmaceutical industry.

Do you know how to buy suitable Stevia products?

 Nowadays, there are various kinds of prevalent Stevia products active in  market.

 Thus, many people want to take this chance to make money.

We sincerely wish you can find the satisfying stevia extract  for your health and money.

Beton supply the high quality pure natural stevia extract.

Please make a search before you decide buy anything.

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